The Wetlands

Sprawled on 2,600 acres in Las Vegas, NV is a nature conservatory called The Wetlands. If you have ever wondered what Las Vegas and Southern, NV looked like during prehistoric times, this is the place to check out. Who knew that this desert was once a marsh filled with greenery. There is a flowing manmade river that comes from the reclamation plant to keep the flowing water and ponds filled year round.

Being here, you would never know your in a desert let alone Vegas. This is the home to so many animals, rabbits, quail, grackles, ducks, lizards fish and other water birds call this place home. Some of the resident animals are here year round, while some only stay a short time as a stopping off point, as they migrate. Lush with green foliage, the animals are safe to hide from people or predators when they want to.

A beautiful oasis in the desert that takes you on a journey back in time to see a place of what once was. If you’re ever visiting Vegas, take a break from the casinos. They have enough of your money, instead go back to nature and step back into history and into the wonders of The Wetlands.