Vlogging life

I haven’t blogged in several days. I do vlog daily though. It’s easy, just whip out my phone, film and upload. Well I made it seem really simple, which it is. I do however, have noisy pets. My dog always starts barking or growling when I’m filming. My birds start squawking and I get landed on by any birds that are out of their cage.

It’s fun, time consuming and heartbreaking at times having Peta. They bring joy to my life and I make videos of just them. I love sharing the cute and crazy things they do. It can be time consuming when several are on medication at once or my dog becomes demanding. The heartbreaking part is when it’s time to say goodbye. I wish they lived longer. I have many pets over 10 now.

I have various species of birds and many are in their teens now, some are in their 20s. Parakeets live on average to about 10, some get lucky and live longer. Cockatiels live to about 12 to 15, don’t tell that to my 21 year old and 19 year old Cockatiels though. How long they live depends on several factors, genetics, health, food, living conditions, etc.

Besides sharing pets in my vlogs, I talk about Radioncs, using tools for manifesting, what’s going on, bird rescue and a few other things. I like to use tools when manifesting, like Radionics. You can take an affirmation, aka a statement of intent, of what you want and run it 24/7.

Our minds are so busy thinking about things a mile a minute, it’s hard to stay focused on one affirmation. Not to mention our conscious or subconscious is contradicting the desire we want. So setting up a Radionics device is nice, you basically get out of your own way.

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