Feeling Down

Isn’t is odd how you can feel fine and then all of a sudden you start feeling down and depressed. You try to trace the feeling back to why you feel sad, but you can’t. The feeling started out of the blue and you can’t find the reason why. It can be frustrating when this happens, especially if you just can’t shake how you now feel.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an off button to turn off that feeling? Some people are able to do that. The thing is, so much is going on in the brain, all these chemicals involved in regulating the mood. How is it some are able to manipulate that chemistry in their brains? They basically hack their brain and change it, thus altering their feelings.

Meditation can be one way to alter what’s going on inside your head. The thing is, not everyone can meditate, some have racing minds. Trying to quiet that mind in overdrive isn’t easy. There are reasons the mind won’t be quiet. Some have ADD or ADHD and that causes racing thoughts non stop.

Yes I said ADD and I know they no longer use it. Well I do, I have ADD and I try to keep things simple, so if I use whatever terminology they are using now, it just makes more work for my brain. I exhaust my poor brain enough by overthinking as it it.

There is no simple solution to tracing feelings back, what works for one person may not work for another. If you can’t find the reason why there is the sudden onset of sadness, it could be some other reason. Hormones can contribute to feelings, so can brain chemistry and even picking up on other people’s energy.

Going for a short walk can help change the physiology of the body and the chemicals in the brain. Being out in nature can be relaxing. Some kind of creative venture or doing anything you enjoy doing, can also help sidetrack you enough into feeling a bit better.

Some force a smile or a laugh. Watching a funny movie can help or even writing about how you feel can assist in relieving the feeling. Anything that can create a distraction in yourself, helps pull you back into the present and helps shift your awareness.

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