My dog Little Ray Charles, king of the trashbags has a superpower. I never even knew he was a superhero. He can climb on anything within seconds, as long as he is being lead by his nose. That’s not his superpower, nor is his heightened sense of sound.

He’s blind and has far better hearing than a dog with eyesight. Being blind does not affect him at all. He manuvers around any obstacle. He does however, manage to get himself stuck in places and on top of things. I always come to his rescue, by picking him up and saving him from being way too high up on my bed, which is just my mattress. It sits on the floor about a foot off the ground.

Little Ray can get on and off of my bed, he just likes to milk it and have me take him off. His greatest talent isn’t ripping open trash bags in a single bound and climbing into them. No, his gift is far greater. He can pee in front of my door and never be seen. I think he can actually teleport his urine to different places while he sleeps. His superhero name is the Urinator. I hope one day he can use his superpowers for good and pee on his pee pee pad.

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