Totally Random

This is my totally random post based on looking at my lottery ticket. Sadly, I did not even win a dollar. I did go look up numbers that occur the most often. That lead me to wondering why do some numbers always appear more often than others? That just seems a bit odd to me. I wonder if certain numbered balls weigh more than others. Whatever they used to put the numbers on tha balls, must adds a tiny bit of weight, wouldn’t that mean certain numbers might come up more, because of what number they are?

Maybe the positioning of the balls before they drop has something to do with number frequency. The balls are always lined up the same way every time, they drop the same way everytime. They never very it. I am convinced there must be some kind of a pattern. How is it the lottery can climb so high to crazy amounts and no one has won the big prize after so many months. I saw the Mega Millions lottery go over a billion dollars. Week after week no one won.

I still wonder if it’s rigged somehow? Obviously even if it is rigged, I will never know and neither will anyone else. There are people who have won the lottery jackpot more than once as well. How is that even possible? What are they doing? I did read an article about never buy quick picks, people usually never win on those. The most money I have ever won was on a quick pick. I won $91.00. I was surprised. I didn’t even get a bonus number either.

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