We all have those “oh wow” random moments in our lives. I’m talking about the good ones, not the bad ones. The not good moments, fall under the “oh crap” or “oh crap, not again”, if it’s a repeat offender moment. The “oh wow, I had no idea” good moments are the ones that always surprise us. They even may leave us in a daze for a moment or too.

I had the “oh wow, I had no idea moment” a minute ago. I had no idea I had over 500 views of my blogs. Honestly, I’m just writing to write and sometimes to vent. I do have to say I thought my dark, disturbing and twisted story “The Rock” would have alot more people reading it. So far I think my Aunt and my friend are the only ones who read it.

That story was a giant coping mechanism and way to deal with things. It was fun to write, I even lost track of time writing it. In stories you can kill people, the same goes for drawings and you can get away with it. In any creative field you can get away with alot.

So far my favorite role that I acted in was playing a Demon. Playing dark, twisted, disturbing characters is alot of fun, they have so many layers. For anyone out there needing to vent and unload frustrations, try something creative. Create a blog, vlog, podcast or post your work somewhere for others to enjoy, if your brave or wild enough. Have fun with it, it could lead you to an “oh wow, I had no idea” moment.

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