The Rock

Streaks of lightening illuminated the darkened night sky, as rolling crashes of thunder followed. The winds howling screams filled the chilled night air and the trees shook violently from it’s gusts. The rumbling of thunder grew louder as if mother nature, the Gods from above and the Demons from below were all protesting the event about to unfold. All of the power they had, could not suppress the infant’s birth. This child should never be born, yet alone had been conceived.

In one more swift attempt to utter the complete profound disdain of the soon to be birthed creature, the wind lashed out in rage, it’s screams were ear piercing, the lightening and thunder erupted in violent outbursts. A faint cry of a newborn, would bring the rain down next. As the sky wept in sorrow of the birth, a new life was swaddled in a white cloth tinged with blood. The infant was a putrid pale white, with dark black eyes. It’s eyes were cold and soulless.

It’s parent’s were oblivious to the amount of evil that they had just unleashed. The newborn’s older sister hid in the darkness behind a rocking chair, as the fire from the fireplace danced around the dimly lit room. The mother held the newborn smiling proudly and the father tried to bring his small daughter over, to meet her new baby brother. He tried to take her hand and urged her to come meet little Teddy.

Defiantly the three year old shook her head “no”, with a look of sheer horror on her face.  How is it she knew what her baby brother was and her own parents didn’t. This would be the beginning of the end, of the safety the little girl once knew. No longer would she have a safe place to call home.

As little Teddy grew, his cruelty would be sure to follow. From the day of his birth and the years to follow, he would be prone to violent outbursts and would get his way. Everyone would placate him, just to get him to calm down. Little did they know they were just fueling the fire of the beast within. Whatever Teddy wanted, he would get and he knew it. At such a young age he was a master at manipulation and physical abuse.

Teddy loved riding around the neighborhood on his bike when he was old enough and grabbing unsuspecting cats and tying them up. He thought it was fun to leave them on people’s porches. He was a sick disturbed little boy. Teddy’s favorite hobby was torturing his older sister. He loved pinning her arm behind her back and kicking her up and down the stairs. If they were at the community pool Teddy enjoyed standing on his sister in the water and tried to drown her repeatedly. His sister would be the one he would continually torture and his parent’s did nothing to protect her.

Little Teddy must have inherited his mother’s genetics for she too was just as cruel as her son. She was much worse though. She loved pitting the siblings against each other when she wasn’t gas lighting, mentally abusing, psychologically abusing or emotionally abusing them. It always delighted her to cause drama and confrontation with everyone around her. Teddy’s mother always made sure to tell her daughter how her father never loved her and would belittle her every chance she got.

The father was nothing more than a passive aggressive man, who lived by, if you ignore it, it will go away and don’t ever express your emotions or feelings because they don’t matter. It was a sad existence for the little girl. Never protected by her parents from her sibling, she would escape her reality and live in a fantasy world. Her best friend would be a cat she had gotten as a kitten.

Teddy did horrible things to her kitten. He tried to flush him down the toilet and threw him off a staircase. The parents did nothing. The kitten survived and slept with the little girl every night and watched out for her. The little girl learned early on that to survive this creature, who embodied her sibling, she would befriend animals and care for them. They would always save her.

As the siblings grew they were raised to never marry, never be successful and never leave home. Despite the way they were raised the girl, now an adult, finally escaped the three of them. The mother used dark magick to collapse her daughters life over and over, until finally the daughter lost everything. Forced to move back in with those two parents crushed the daughter. The mother used the same dark magick again and would bring her son Teddy back to live with them a year later.

The daughter was devastated at having to live with her childhood bullies again. This time it would be much worse. Teddy had started drinking and using drugs at a young age, this had caused his brain to not develop normally. He had the mentality of a 12 year old prick! He and his mother both picked up right where they left off on his sister. She was so beaten down from them and suffered PTSD that would only get worse.

Once a cruel boy, now Teddy a cruel man would harass and taunt his sister. The parents still did nothing. They would blame her for trying to cause problems. Teddy escalated his harassment. Knowing that his sister had a deep love for animals , he was determined to get hers all taken away and euthanized. He was unsuccessful. Despite his sister continually standing up to him, Teddy would never back off.

Teddy decided to start killing birds outside to get back at his sister. He would lure the birds into traps and kill them, first by hand and then by high powered bb rifles. He made sure to do this in the back of the house and brag to his sister how he was killing them. He lined up their bodies so she would be forced to see them if she went outside. He even threw their blood all over the door she used to go inside and on her car tires. He left one of the birds in the backyard for her to see. When she went to her parents, they did nothing, but blamed her for Teddy’s behavior and said it was not a big deal if he was killing the birds.

Teddy even left a dead bird hidden so his sister would smell it’s rotting corpse. She found the bird and laid it to rest. Just when she thought maybe Teddy would stop, he started again with lining up the bird bodies. Her father did nothing yet again.

Since the onset of Teddy’s killing to get back at his sister for no reason, she had been studying the occult. She had been learning about various types of magick and what she could do with it. If she could be free from Teddy, she would rid her world of his evil. She managed to visualize beating him, Teddy had no idea what had happened, he fled from the house for three weeks. The mother pleaded for him to come home. He did.

Teddy’s sister studied more, as she learned more, she gained more power. As her power grew Teddy’s demise would be sure to follow. She began testing out different ways to use energy to get back at him. As she planned the different ways she would get to him, the final outcome would always be the same, Teddy would die and his soul would be placed inside a rock for all eternity, no one would ever be able to free him. A special rock had been picked out that would be large enough, not to house Teddy’s soul, but for all the birds to land on it and poop all over it.

That would be a fitting ending for Teddy his sister thought. Soon she would be unleashing all of her power filled with the wrath of Mother Nature, the Gods the Demons and now herself onto Teddy. He like all of them will wish he had never been born.

Day by day Teddy felt weaker and a little sicker. Day by day he continued killing birds and lining them up for his sister to see. As he continued doing this, his sister began calling on all of the forces to destroy the manchild for good. At one time the How he would die mattered, now it didn’t. She unleashed the powers of Demons onto Teddy first, then the Gods, next the forces of Mother Nature would be called on.

Teddy’s sister was wise to never use her own power, she would connect to other sources and let that power fill her before she began any ritual. Different devices were set up to help strike Teddy down, energy was sent out to seek him out and destroy him. Vengence would be hers.

The winds blew causing the palms trees to sway as Teddy drove home from work. He had a near miss at work when part of an ac unit came crashing down and almost hit him. On the way to his car, a car almost swerved and hit him and would have, had he not jumped out of the way. His only thought was to get home, get drunk and start shooting the birds. He thought how great it was, he could kill birds all day long and he could get away with it. His sister could complain all she wanted and nothing would happen to him. He had an entire arsenal of weapons and bullets under his bed and his parents said nothing. They were probably afraid of him, but he didn’t care. Once they were gone the house would be his and he would kick his sister out.

Better yet, he would have her pets taken away and then kick her out. He yearned for that day to come. He just wanted to ruin her life, for no reason other than it would be fun. He felt like his heart was being crushed, he kept having this heart pain and had no idea why. Teddy ignored it. He hoped in his parent’s car and drove home. As he drew nearer to the house, the wind came out of no where, it pushed the car so hard, a semi truck almost plowed right into him as it turned a corner.

He pulled up to the house finally and watched the palm trees sway. He saw some birds flutter near the food he put out earlier, he convinced his stupid parents he was feeding birds. The one bird he overheard his sister was trying to rescue he had already killed, but there was another one that caught his eye. Within minutes he was inside and pointing the higher powered rifel, through the screen he cut a hole into. He grinned and pulled the trigger at a bird. He ran outside smiling and the bird lay there now lifeless. It’s life stolen away by Teddy. He quickly picked it up, it’s little body still warm, he carried it and dropped it on the dirt across from where his sister parked her car, knowing she would see it, his smile grew.

Little did Teddy know his sister saw him walking away from the body. He finally looked over and saw her and just kept smiling away, he knew she could do nothing about it. Satisfied with his harrassment and torment done, he went back inside. His sister filled with rage, told the father who did nothing but laughed at her, this only fueled her loathing of the sibling.

That night as teddy slept, his sister would call upon all of the forces once again. The wind speeds kept growing, thunder and lightening filled the sky. All the of the trees swayed with such force, some had branches break while others had become uprooted. The palm trees in the front of the house began to bend and sway with such a force, that the larger palm tree uprooted at the bottom, the wind blew the tree with such force, it smashed through Teddy’s bedroom window. Glass shards sprayed towards Teddy who awoke, turned on the bedside lamp and sat up, just as one pierced through his heart, another sliced though his jugular. Teddy fell back gasping for breath, a gurgling sound could be heard as the blood filled his throat and mouth.

The motion lights in the front of the house turned on startling the birds who were sleeping in a tree nearby. The winds seemed to force the birds into the broken window and right into Teddy’s room. Teddy clutched at his throat as hundreds of birds flew directly at him. Their beaks and talons scratching and clawing at his eyes taking his site from him. The birds seemed to be aware of what they were doing as they began pecking mercilessly at him. Teddy couldn’t scream.

In the end it was the birds that killed Teddy, before the wounds from the glass had a chance to. It was their retribution for what he had done to them. Once he was dead, the living birds flew off, the ones he had killed lay dead once more all around Teddy. They had rose up for one night and for one reason only, to take vengence on Teddy. Now that they were done, they could rest in peace. All the pain and torture he had inflicted on the birds and every other living animal, he would now endure for all eternity in the rock his sister had chosen for him. Teddy would never rest in peace.

Even after Teddy’s cremation his ashes would suffer the same fate as him. His parents were too distraught losing him, so his sister would be the one to arrange everything. She found the least expensive way to have him cremated, once she had been given his ashes, she placed them on the rock Teddy was in and where hundreds of birds would gather daily. The birds pooped all over the rock and Teddy’s ashes, until the ashes had all blown away or mixed in with the dirt, all Teddy could do was watch in torment, as he relived his hell over and over again from within the rock.

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