Not Again

I have a really sick and twisted family member that I disowned. I always hope they never comes back, but so far they do. They give new meaning to the word evil in my opinion. Too bad they didn’t miscarry or the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck at birth. I know I sound like a really mentally unhealthy person for saying those things, but hey if you could walk a mile in my shoes you would feel the same way.

I can’t even write about what they do for fear of repercussions if family reads this and it comes back to me. Let’s just say that I walk on egg shells all the time. One day when I am finally free from all of this, I can write about my experiences in a dark dysfunctional place. Until then I remain on the surface and can only write bits and pieces of the truth and try to not reveal the true horror in which I dwell.

I’m learning different types of Magick to protect myself. Does it work, I have no idea, but I figure since we can send good and bad energy to people, then energy can be used as a protection shield as well. I’m currently reading a book by Charles Cosimano aka Uncle Chuckie called “Elementary Psionics”. He goes where authors don’t normally go. He’s real and honest about what he teaches and never holds back. His books are like self defense and empowering manuals all in one.

In talking about books, since I’m not really sure how to write one, I’m going to write a short story as a coping mechanism to deal with my situation. Writing has always been my go to. This time though, I want to write something really dark to deal with what’s going on. Fortunately I can kill off the disowned family member in my story in anyway that I please. I can also draw stick figures of killing them off as well. It might give me some control and an outlet for my anger until I can move out of here.

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