Who knew

It’s funny to think that animals enjoy watching TV with their humans. This is actually a way that some bond with new pets. They either sit near the animal’s cage with the TV on or they hold the animal while sitting and watching tv with them. I actually held baby Ollie the bird and watched the movie “Avatar” with him. I noticed Ollie seemed very interested in the movie. He was watching the screen intently.

Animals even have their favorite movies, tv shows and music. My Goffins Cockatoo loves listening to Eminem. She even bounces her head up and downs and yells on and off to the music. On YouTube there are videos that have been made for dogs and cats. It’s a way to keep them entertained while your away. Just play the video or even music made for them.

The animal industry has come a long way. At one time there was very few varieties of dog, cat or bird food. Even Betta fish food had a very limited selection. As time passed pets became an industry of a mass variety of items. There is a huge selection of pet foods, toys and even clothing. You can get your dog goggles, so when it sticks it’s head out the window it’s eyes will be protected. As far as clothing goes, you name it and it probably exists. They have costumes, hats, jackets, sweat pants, shirts and even bikinis for dogs.

Cats have a huge variety of toys now. Once it was just a toy mouse with a small box of catnip. Now you have the choice of which catnip and even which kind of litter and litterbox to choose from. As far as reptiles go, they have not been left out. You can go on Etsy and not only buy a leash for Bearded Dragons, you can buy clothing, hats and costumes for them. Even snakes have clothing and hats for sale on Etsy for them.

For the bird lovers you can get a harness to take your bird out and it has a leash on it. I wouldn’t really recommend taking your bird out wearing a harness, as many birds have slipped out of them and flown off. Instead you can get a backpack made for birds so they can join you on a hike or just for travel in general. They even have backpacks for small dogs and cats. Reptile lovers carry there smaller reptiles in these backpacks too.

If you don’t want to carry your pet on your back, there are pet strollers . These strollers have a mesh on them that pulls down and you can zip it closed to make sure your pet can’t get out. People enjoy pushing their birdd around in these. I have seen people pushing their Tortoises around in strollerstoo. These pet strollers were probably originally made for small dogs and cats, but other pet owners decided to use them for other pets.

When choosing any kind of clothing, toys or strollers for your pet, make sure it’s safe for them.

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