The Media

I have often wondered how much does the media exaggerate the truth. I have seen past stories where the news takes a tiny piece of the truth and blows it out of proportion. They are basically another entertainment source. It seems like they intentionally talk about things to keep people afraid.

There are so many out there, that use the news media as there go to for information. I have a family member who believes everything she sees on the news. I can only assume that no one, including my family member does any research to see how accurate the information is that’s being shared for all to see.

It seems that any information given to the masses should be accurate. Otherwise it could lead to ill informed people making rash decisions, things spiral and get out of hand easily, riots could ensue and a mob mentally sets in.

If the media is causing all of this chaos, why aren’t they being held accountable. I think freedom of the press should only go so far, especially if they are causing danger to others.

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