I had my ultrasound guided biopsy today in my right breast. Now I get to wait another week for the results. I’m feeling really nervous now. I have all this extra energy and no outlet for it. I’m supposed to just take it easy and not do anything other than ice the area.

I have no idea if I will feel sore later from the procedure. They stuck a biopsy needle in my breast and collected tiny pieces of the nodule. They did numb me first. Getting numbed in the breast was painless, compared to getting a needle in your gums at the dentist. I cringe at the thought of the dentist needle now.

So what do I do now to distract myself? I filmed and put my vlog up for the day. I have ferrets out running around to help distract me. I could go get a Slurpee, but I just don’t feel like getting one. I’m not sure what’s worse, being hungry and not knowing what to eat or being bored and trying to distract yourself and not knowing what to do.

My Smother had breast cancer, so I’m even a bit more nervous as to my results. The doctor said my biopsy would probably be benign. I hope he’s right, but he doesn’t really know. He put a tiny piece of titanium where he took the biopsy from. Now for all eternity I will have a tiny piece of metal in me.

Maybe I can do Reiki on the titanium and infuse it with good health or luck for all time now. I can feel the affects of the numbing wearing off. I’m so glad I have Aleve and Tylenol for this. I’m not really into pain, especially my own.

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