Is anyone else curious where law of attraction originated from? I know I am. If you have two magnets they will repel each other if the same polarity is facing each other. Does that fall under loa. I think like can and does attract like, but not always. There are always exceptions to the rule. I do know that it was during the Victorian era it was decided that you could not have words like “no, can’t,don’t, won’t” in an affirmation. They decided that if you say something like “I no longer smoke” the brain or subconscious is really hearing “I smoke”.

Is it really? Personally I don’t think the brain or the subconscious is editing our thoughts and leaving out certain words. I think during that time it was just something they came up with and for some reason it stuck. There are a lot of strange rules that are out there and people believe them and they become true for them. What’s true for one person is not true for another. It’s a good thing we are all different in those regards.

Here’s another one that I don’t believe. Karma. I don’t believe in it. It was actually made up in India in the Caste system by the priests. They had this genius idea of how to stay in power and keep it. Make people believe what they do has consequences. Behave in this lifetime, listen to and obey the powers above you and in your next life you will have it better. If on the other hand your life sucks, it’s because of what you did in a past life and now your paying for it.

I find it odd that so many still believe in Karma. How do you keep people in line, keep them in fear and also give them hope. This repeats over and over. Look at how wars are started. The people in charge of the country tell the people that so and so is bad, they create fear and keep it going. Politicians love to use hope and fear, so do religions. They make everyone believe what they say without questioning them and if you should question them, they make sure to bring up more ways to keep you in fear.

I receive alot of emails from different manifesting places and loa. I noticed a common theme that keeps popping up is why your manifesting isn’t working. Just buy this new method and it will work now. What about the last method you were selling and said that was the one that worked. Shouldn’t that one have been the break through manifesting method and I should have gotten the results I wanted?

What are all of these manifesting methods selling, hope. You’re buying “hope” that this time it will work. I have tried many methods as well. Only to be left with feeling frustrated that it didn’t work. So why didn’t the method work. I raised my vibration, energy and adjusted my frequency. I changed my thoughts, I thought and uttered that affirmation hundreds of times. I even lived in the end and acted as if. I believed it all to be true. Nothing happened.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in trying countless ways to manifest, only to receive little to no results. Taking action must be a big part of it. You have to do things to make what you want happen. What if you don’t know what to do, should you just take any action and hope that it leads you to what you want? Maybe that’s a part of it that’s missing. Although if you look at crappy stuff in your life that has happened, you may have not taken any action and you still had crappy stuff happen. It must just be a part of life then. Good and bad happens, but whether it’s good or bad goes back to our perception of it being good or bad.

Our feelings have alot to do with how we perceive something. If it makes us feel good, then we see it as something good. If it makes us feel bad then what we experienced was bad. Should we lie to ourselves and say our manifesting is working when it isn’t or we don’t see any results at all? This is something I’m wondering about.

I’m working on manifesting tests. I am picking one thing and sticking with it for thirty days. In thirty days there should be a result. If not then I need to either try something else or change what I’m doing somehow. I will go with an affirmation and think it and say it. I want to see if one simple affirmation will begin to change the course of my life.

Now in taking that affirmation will saying it and thinking it be enough. Should that alone be the entire experiment or should I add other ways to do it to add power to it? It would pretty much suck if in thirty days saying the affirmation did nothing. Now I have wasted thirty days with zero results.

Since it’s my experiment, maybe I will set the affirmation up in different ways and then evaluate in thirty days how it’s going. I like this idea alot better. I will come up with one affirmation and put it on an active and passive Radioncs device, I will put it in a Pi Ray Coffer, on my Magnetron, use a Pendulum or Bobber, think it, say it aloud, write it down, take action on it and do who knows what else. I will take notes and keep track of what I’m doing and then write about everything I did. Maybe then I can figure out what worked, what didn’t and a better way to manifest and share with others.

I would rather overdo something the first time out and get results and back track to see what it was that caused the manifestation to start working than try and fail each month and keep wasting time.

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