The Game

It’s not just cats that love to make you get up, so you have to let them go in and out. I don’t necessarily mean outdoors either. I am in a dining room as a makeshift bedroom and yes it sucks. The dining room has a sliding glass door that opens into an enclosed patio. I keep the sliding door shut when the ferrets come out to play.

While the ferrets are out and about bouncing around getting into everything, I get to play open the door for my dog and my cats. The cats will just sit there when the door is open. They get 30 seconds. They either come in or the door gets shut. My dog on the other hand just wants me to let her out, so I can close the door, just so she can turn around and make me open the door for her again. I think it’s her idea of fun.

If I don’t let her out, she will stand at the door and whine and whimper until I open it. She must think that I have nothing better to do. Animals train us, they know how to work us. They give a sad look or whimper and it’s easy to give in. I have spent many a time feeling guilty over being mad at a pet for interrupting me or waking me up.

Never have I gotten up at two, three or four AM and fed my cat. Why he suddenly decided to wake me up at those hours I have no idea. If I am woken up by him I hide under the blanket. I never thought I would say that I fear the sound of purring. My cat started out by poking me on the nose with his paw. It seems cute and innocent. If I ignore him, that’s when his inner wild cat comes out.

The simple paw on the nose turns into getting bit, thus the hiding under the blankets. He claws and bites if I am under the blankets. Eventually when he sees that I refuse to get up he might give up. Occasionally if he sees that I am slightly uncovered and he will attack me. Pets are so much fun. Even as a tiny kitten he was a biter. He sort of grew out of it and then it awoken in him once more.

Right now I’m playing the let my dog in and out game. I think since writing this, I have let her in and out about ten times. Now I must go play the game again.

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