Being human is always such a joy. Who doesn’t love the feelings of frustration or stress coming on for no reason at all. Is it that we have accidentally picked up someone else’s energy and we accidentally take on their feelings? Maybe that can happen in public, but what if you are home alone. If you have roommates you could pick up on their energy. It’s all such a mystery. There are people that say we are all connected and then there are some who say we aren’t. So which is it, who do we believe.  Oh wow, as I write this my tablet won’t let me hit enter to start a new parargraph.

Okay I restarted my tablet and it seems fine now. That was frustrating. Anyway back to what I was talking about. We live in the information age, just Google it and find what you’re looking for. How much of that information is accurate? People that claim to be experts post information, but are they really experts? What even makes an expert? Tesla seemed to be an expert when it came to understanding energy, vibration and frequency. The man, not the car company that decided to take his name and profit on it.

Tesla was way ahead of his time to the point many thought his was not sane. Poor guy, if he only knew that everything he was working on, would be used years later after he was gone and he would be touted a genius. There are people trying to even explain what Tesla meant when he spoke of energy. Only Tesla really knew what he was talking about.

I do know energy is all around us, it’s literally in everything, even a rock. If you’re energy sensitive you can pick up a rock or an object and feel it’s energy. We pick up energy from others to. You’re in a great mood, someone comes into where you are and you can feel tension all of a sudden. Now the entire room changes and everyone in it is now affected in some way. No one wants to carry this energy baggage with them, they might unknowingly though.

Protecting yourself from other’s energy is important, especially if they are an energy vampire. They will suck your energy dry until you feel exhausted or depressed being around them. I have read up on creating energy shields to protect oneself. By actually closing you’re eyes you imagine a shield of energy all around you and anyone’s energy you don’t want bounces off and protects you. It sounds a bit crazy, but it does actually work. Just imagine a shield encircling you in energy. You don’t need to see it to know it’s there.

You might need to do this several times in order for it to work. Practice does make perfect.


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