The return of

No one was more relieved when Toasty the bird came back. She flew out on me and I had not seen her in almost a week. I assumed the worst. There was a hawk flying around. The temperatures were in the one hundreds. After I had posted five hundred fliers, I felt hopeless in ever seeing her again. I ventured into asking Patron Saints for help. Still no Toasty.

As my heart sank, I was trying to figure out who to turn to for help. I had a Radionics device and a Pi Ray Coffer set up to help get her back. I had an affirmation on repeat that I was constantly thinking. I had other Radionics people working on their end to help me as well. I even asked Demons to help me in bringing back Toasty. After asking a few Demons for help, Toasty appeared on the roof after missing for an entire week.

I was freaking out. What do I do now, how can I catch her? I watched her fly around the house and land in the vicinity of her cage, she would not get more than six feet from it. The day came and went and I had not caught her. The next day I continued my routine of sitting inside and watching her fly around and then land. She even landed on top of the cage. I held tight to the string attached to the cage door. She was next to the cage now. My heart was racing and then the wind blew the door shut.

As I went outside to reopen the door, all the birds flew off, except Toasty. She stood there watching me as I approached the cage. I opened the door and she too flew off. She came back later and ate seed in front of the now open cage. Unfortunately she would not go in. Every Chipmunk, Dove and tiny bird went inside the cage, but not her. Maybe she was stubborn. She came back agsin and wandered around pecking at the ground.

I sighed as the light began to dim for the night and watched Toasty fly off again. I couldn’t believe she was just standing there a few feet away and I couldn’t do anything to get her. I felt like the odds of getting her back were slim. The hawk was getting bolder too, going after birds when I was outside. Toasty’s white and brown colors made her stand out more than the other birds, making her easy to see.

I had a dream that night that Toasty was standing next to me, I reached down, picked her up and brought her inside. I didn’t think much of the dream and was trying to not get my hopes up. Thus far any manifesting I was doing did not seem to work. I kept having this feeling since the day she flew out, that I would catch her. I didn’t want to not believe it or believe it. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

Today I saw Toasty on the roof several hours earlier than normal. I called to her, I brought her baby out, brought her mate out and put him in another cage to try to get her to go into her cage. Nothing worked, she flew off. Shortly after a hawk flew over the rooftop flying towards where the doves were perched in a tree. They scattered in all directions. I asked another Demon to help me, then some Angels and Gods. I decided to ask a few more Patron Saints as well.

Of course the cage door would accidentally get pulled shut by me when Toasty finally showed up. I went and opened the door again and she flew off. I thought she was now gone for the evening. Normally at this time I would close the door and give up for the night. I decided to just keep watching just in case she came back. I’m glad I did. An hour and a half later she was back. She ate as usual and actually sat on the entrance of the cage. I wondered, would she go in?

A miracle occured. Toasty went inside the cage. It’s all a blur now as to everything that happened. I remember pulling the string to close the door. I held the string tight as I ran outside, then I latched the cage door to lock it. Her and two Mourning Doves that I accidentally caught, flapped inside the cage trying to escape. One Dove got out as I drug the cage to the steps. I pulled that cage up those steps as fast as I could and brought it inside. Once inside I knelt down and pulled Toasty out. Shortly after the second Dove was free and back outside.

I was beyond glad to have Toasty back. She was beyond mad at being in a cage. Her mate scolded her to let her know how mad he was at her. Unfortunately Toasty didn’t remember her baby. Little Ollie was only two or three days old when she flew off. Now almost fully feathered, Ollie looks totally different. Fortunately Toasty’s mate is still feeding him or her. Maybe miracles can and do happen when going to several sources for help and taking action.

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