Isn’t learning fun. Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn something we wanted really fast. Then we could bypass that much loved frustration, stress, trial and error of practice makes perfect. I suppose if we learned to learn we would get better at learning. OMG who has time for that, do you? I don’t.

I don’t know about you, but I’m much too busy trying to catch my escaped bird, get my fifteen year old dog to chill out and stop barking and growling at my other pets, and learn to schedule posts on WordPress.

I’m not sure which I’m enjoying more out of those three. Although it’s so much fun dealing with my dogs new quirk. She has decided to dislike everyone else but me. Who knew as she got older she would become so grumpy. At least she is not biased in her grumpiness, she growls at everyone of my other pets equally. Yay for her equality.

Okay, enough with my ADD moment, back to learning. Do you want to be good at something now, I mean right now? You’re not alone and neither am I. We’ve all learned to be impatient and want to be good at things right away. There are a few lucky ones who probably keep practicing something until they are good at it. I bet it’s a genetic gift they were born with.

Anything we want results from goes back to our magical and mystical brains. Ahh the brain, so much is still unknown about it. It’s a mystery what potential is dormant in there. The brain has this fun little thing it does to us. If we are able to gain the results we want it rewards us with Dopamine. Yes our brain is releasing a chemical to make us feel good.

With that feel good chemical, we feel good. Something was accomplished, results were seen, confidence was built up. We now feel more confident and have less fear about doing what we just did and will attempt it again. If on the other hand we try something and keep trying and the only repeated results are no results, we feel discouraged.

Not seeing the outcome we want seems to be a reoccurring theme in manifestation. That’s what I have noticed anyway. You can use manifesting for anything you want. You desire to learn a new skill, getting that job, getting that person to text you. You’re  imagining your getting what you want, you see yourself engaged in your outcome. Nothing happens.

Now your feeling discouraged and let down. You can’t figure out what went wrong. What could it be that went wrong? Probably nothing. If there were little indications of seeing results and the brain released dopamine there would be far less feelings of failure and discouragement. With no chemical release to reward you stress begins to build.

Going through the path of stress begins bringing up fear and anxiety. That leads the Amygdala, also in the brain, to trigger fight or flight. It perceives any type of stress as a threat. This was necessary at one time for survival. Unfortunately the Amygdala can not differentiate between a real and an imagined threat.

Now how do you deal with your brain during the learning cycle? You can trick it. Break down the learning into smaller segments.  By doing only so much at a time, even for five minutes, something has been accomplished. Make that your goal to just do five minutes. Your brain will reward you and your Amygdala will be confused.

When manifesting, the same thing can be done. Break down that big manifestation goal into smaller bits. Your goal could be to write or say an affirmation, visualize, or even think in your head or outloud what you want. Look at manifesting as a learning process as well and have fun with it.

Five minutes a day is better than going full force, getting frustrated and quitting. Then in a few months you begin this cycle again. Never beat yourself up over learning, you’re only human.

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