Ugh, escaped bird

I used to think that a pet passing away was the worst thing. A pet escaping and going missing is far worse. You’re left with the unknown. Are they alive, are they okay, did someone find them, will I ever see them again. Having a bird get out is even worse. All you can do is watch them fly around, you can’t do anything to catch them. You can put their cage out and hope they fly back into it, put out fliers, post on social media and check the animal shelters website obsessively several times a day.

My bird Toasty flew out the door over a week ago. I think she was trying to follow me. She loves flying after me on the patio to see what I’m doing. For almost a week I didn’t see her outside. I was assuming the worst. The temperatures were in the 100’s every day, a hawk was flying overhead. The hawk was even going into the trees going after the doves. I know they need to eat to, but come on, going after them in a tree where the doves might feel safe, that just seems wrong.

Imagine my surprise when two days ago I saw Toasty on the roof of where I live. I freaked out. I had no idea what to do. Calling her name was useless, the last time I did that she flew off. I set up a baby monitor that I put inside the cage, that I put outside to try to help lure her in. I played her mate’s vocalizations and then a baby bird’s vocalizatons. Toasty has a baby. Her baby Ollie was two or three days old when she escaped. I put her mate in a live trap and put that trap inside the cage outside to catch her as well.

Toasty ignored her mate, never went near the cage. The light faded and the sun vanished. Another day was gone and Toasty would be out again. Yesterday I waited for her. I clung to the string attached to the cage door I would pull shut once she entered the cage. The cage is filled with food, so far every Chipmunk and wild bird has enjoyed going in and dining on the buffet.

My hope rose as I saw Toasty fly down. She walked around the yard picking at the little bit of seed that was scattered on the ground. Originally I threw bird seed all over the yard, in an attempt to get her to come back to the yard to have food to eat. I watched her get startled and fly off several times. Eventually she stood a few inches from the cage door eating seed that was in front of it.

My nervousness and frustration mounted as I sat helplessly watching her. I wanted her to walk into the cage so badly. I even kept repeating the affirmation “Toasty is in her cage”. I thought maybe if I kept visualizing her in the cage and repeating that affirmation then my desire would manifest. If only it was that simple. My brain was worn out from constantly saying the affirmation to the point where I had to stop saying it.

I was heartbroken as I watched Toasty fly off again once more to sleep who knows where for the night. I couldn’t even look up anymore to see if any of the birds flying were her. I just could not deal with seeing her flying around and I could not do anything about it.

Today is yet another day and around 4 PM I will go sit by the door in hope that Toasty will not only be out there, but actually walk into the cage and I can pull that string and close the door behind her. I can only hope that today will be the day she is reunited with her mate and baby.

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