One of those days.

Have you ever had one of those days where it starts off great, but then you are summoned by an energy vampire. They need to feed and they have sensed your energy is up, you are now at the mercy of the energy thirsty creature. There is nothing you can do, no place to hide. Garlic won’t work on them, neither will driving a stake in their heart, as I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon and not to mention against the law.

Even though you tried desperately to avoid them, their minion comes after you. The minion is already so warn down by them, they have no problem bringing you as the next offering. With a heavy heart and a sigh you go begrudgingly, trudging ever so slowly looking for an escape. As you draw closer you already feel your energy begin to drain.

You enter the dimly lit room while the creature lays there sucking up the oxygen, watching you, waiting to make its move. Before you say anything they begin their tirade of accusations and insults. There is nothing you can do other than tune them out and then quickly fake food poisoning. You rush out of the room past the minion before they can stop you. The echo of the energy vampire continues calling out to you as you flee with what little energy you have left.

What to do or try next as you throw open a door and sunlight beams in on you? Aha an idea is born. See if you can join the FBI Witness Protection Program to avoid seeing your parents again.

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