Day 2.

Hey look at that, I wrote a blog two days in a row. I would celebrate, but I ate all my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups yesterday. My Dr. told me to eat more protein, but I’m just not in the mood for chicken or whatever else I could eat as protein. So I will write about who knows what to entertain whoever might be reading this. Do you have a movie or movies you watch either for a coping mechinism because you feel down or just for some reason you like to play it in the background as noise so you don’t feel so alone. Currently I keep playing “The Kissing Booth” both part 1 and part 2. I just keep playing them over and over for no specific reason other than to have some noise in the background.

I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to “The Kissing Booth 3”. My guilty pleasure I suppose. My birds all enjoy the movie as well. I accidentally got them addicted to it, to the point that my macaw will yell and scream unless I have it on. She actually prefers the second one more than the first one. I think she likes the music.

Having my ADD moment, I am changing topics to making things complicated. Does anyone else do that or is it just me? Making things complicated is a learned behavior. I learned it from my Smother, yes I said Smother and not Mother. My Smother makes everything really complicated and turns mole hills into mountains. Gee Smother thanks for passing those traits oneto me along with need ing to be a control freak. Oh the joy of family!

I’m learning to keep things simple. It’s not easy, it’s a challenge. To keep things simple one must be open to the different ways to do it. It’s really a matter of perspective and perception. Taking a step back and trying to be an observer it’s actually possible to see different ways to do things, sometimes I even ask others for suggestions. I have learned ways to keep things so simple it actually leaves me dumbfounded. I’m reading this book called “Goetia Pathworking, Magickal Results From The 72 Demons”, by Corwin Hardgrove. Instead of visualizing something you just say it or think it. I’m not the best at visualizing. An example from the book is “If you can’t imagine anything, you can think, ‘There is a circle of Earth around me.’

Wow, I had never even thought about that. Just think it instead of trying to force yourself to imagine it. It makes it so much easier and it’s simple. Okay don’t freak out because I am reading a book about Demons. I read alot of different books and study alot of different things. I am innately curious about everything and I love research. Besides from what I am learning, Demons seem to have a bad reputation. Apparently you can wrong an Angel and make them really mad and they will come after you. So basically be nice and respectful whether it’s an Angel or a Demon and you will be fine. Fairies on the other hand you never want to mess with, that’s what I was told. So in keeping my life simple, I have not looked into them.

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